Screen Printing or Embroidery, what process is best for me?

T-shirt orders are mostly screen printed, and polo shirts, jacket, caps, bags, and dress shirts are embroidered most of the time.

These are only general rules because we can screen print or embroider on almost anything.

We try to direct you to the process that best suits your needs based on your budget and desired look.


Where do I start to get screen printed items?

Here are the questions we will ask:

Do you have artwork?

How many colors will we print?

How many locations will we be printing (ie: front, back, sleeve)?

How many shirts do you want?

Do you want 100% cotton, 100% polyester or cotton/polyester blend?

What sizes do you need?

When do you need them in your hands?

How much will screen printed shirts cost?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of a printed T-shirt.  The number of shirts you get, the number of colors printed on each side of the shirt, the shirts style, shirt color, and the turn-around time. 

Are there costs for set up?

For screen printing, there are screen charges for initial orders of less than 48 shirts with the same imprint. The first screen per side is $35 and the additional screens per location are $10 each. In other words, if you get 24 shirts with 3 colors printed on one side (let's say the front), then the total set-up is $55 for this order. These cost are one time and will not be charged again as long as the artwork remains the same and re-orders are at least 12 shirts.

Are there any hidden costs?



Where do I start when getting embroidered items?

Here's what we need to make your embroidered garment order a reality:

What goes on the shirt - do you have a logo?

How many garments do you want and in what style?

What sizes do you need?

When do you need them in your hands?

How much will my embroidered garments cost?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of an embroidered garment.  The number of items you get as well as the size and complexity of the logo.   For embroidery, the number of colors in the design is not a pricing factor.  It helps to know what we are going to sew prior to giving a price quote, so if you have a logo, please send it over so we can accurately quote your job.  You are not obligated and won't be charged anything if you decide not to move forward.  Keep in mind that embroidery can be very affordable, even in small quantities. 

What style shirt should I get?

We offer many top brands.  You can see some styles in the online catalog, but if your not sure, call us and we'll point you in he right direction.

Are there costs for setting up a logo for embroidery?

We charge an initial digitizing fee to set-up new logos.  This is a one time charge and is based on the complexity of the design.  Our minimum charge for digitizing is $35.00.  Once we have this set-up, there are no additional fees on any re-orders placed using the same design.  Remember, all digitizing is not the same.  Digitizing is a skill and our award winning digitizing is a direct result of years of practice and absolute attention to detail.


What kind of artwork or files do I need to provide so my custom order will look good?

The better the art, the better your T-shirts, jackets or promotional items will look. Anyone with an .ai file is tops in our book, but even if you don't have a digital version of your art or if you are just in the idea stage, we can work from your sketch or general idea in order to make your order a reality. Check out the art specifications below and call us with any questions.

Preferred art file formats needed for screen printing or promotional products:

  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator. Please convert text to outlines.
  • .eps - Text converted to curves.


Art needed for embroidery:

To create a stitch file, we ask for a high resolution image in any format - .PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or .JPEG. Typically, .PNG files or other files cut and pasted from the internet will not work. For embroidery, we can also work with a clean printout of your logo or design.








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